Beauty Queen ~ 美姐

A beauty queen with a criminal record. This has been big news since she won the beauty pageant. Everything about her is news now, from terrible pronunciation to credit card fraud to her Bipolar Disorder。

Ever since this news broke, she has been the target for the media. And most of the reported news is negative news. The reputation and future of a 19-year-old girl is on tenterhooks.

Most people had been through those youthful devil-may-care days. Some people have it tougher than the others whereas some people have a shorter period of rebellion.

19 years is not a long time. The social experiences of a 19-year-old might not be a lot. Even though we are currently living in an information overload society with increased chances of experiencing new things within a short period of time, this does not translate automatically to a rapid maturity in handling issues.

With the media reporting this issue aggressively, it seemed like they are ruthlessly sentencing this girl to a life-sentence. Perhaps the girl had been tactless and offensive in handling media previously. But she is still young with a long road ahead. Those reports might seem to run for just a couple of days and people have short memories anyway. However, we have to consider the fact that in the digital age, information lives forever in servers all over the world.

With this, regardless how hardworking she might be next time, as long as one has an internet connection and types in her name in a search engine, all these past reports would come up in a matter of seconds. Who is going to give her a second chance then? To do this to a 19 year old, isn’t that too cruel?

Perhaps she didn’t care about all these now. I am young anyway. I have the capabilities and abilities to do so. Report for all you want! Negative reports are better than having zero coverage! However, what happens when you are no longer youthful and no longer in the IN age?

Shu Qi is someone who had been-there-done-that. Once upon a time, she had used her youth and beauty in exchange for fame and wealth. In the end, when she finally received recognition for her acting, she tearfully declared, “I am going to put back on(metaphorically) the clothes I had shed.” When she was putting on those clothes that she had once shed, who saw her hard work and tears?

The media did such an intense coverage mostly because of the competitive information, to create greater hype and of course, to bring up the circulation numbers. The person concerned is more than happy to oblige anyway! But to cover news of this nature with such intensity, may I ask: what is the meaning to it? As a form of warning or to encourage youngsters to create as much trouble as possible so that they would be able to receive some form of media coverage, never mind that it is negative reporting? The media would be glad to entertain such media coverage anyway!

Mass media is a very competitive industry, especially in the information age. However, for a headline that might increase the circulation for a few days, it is worthwhile to ruin someone’s life, contributes nothing socially and is of no education value? What’s the point?

美姐之前犯过罪,在她获美姐宝座后,一一被揭发。从让人们觉得上不了大场面的英文发音到后来被揭发曾经涉及诈骗案与患有躁郁症(Bipolar Disorder)。










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