Roman Polanski ~ 罗曼·波兰斯基

The Pianist is the first and only work of Roman Polanski that I have watched. I admire his directing.

But being talented does not absolve him all wrongdoings.

Having to send a talented person to jail is a very sad thing to do.

We generally equate being talented as someone who has much better abilities in judgment and self discipline. In the general perception, a talented person is able to innately judge the situation without much guidance, see what was lacking and very ably produce something that would magically redeemed the lacking.

When the existing judicial system has to pass a guilty sentence on someone deemed by majority standards to be talented or outstanding, it is also an admission that either prior labeling of “Talented” is wrong, leading to the person concerned to go through life with a higher level of stress or a seemingly infallible talented person had committed a misjudgment.

My respect for Mr Polanski would have increased more if he had faced up with his lapse of judgment squarely in the face. I know that is more likely to happen in fairytales rather than reality. The part about admit-repent-moving-on with a happily-ever-after ending, just how often does that happen in reality?

Quite a few times actually. Just a few names are Naomi Campbell, Kobe Bryant, etc.

Really, just admit, learn from it and move on.






有的,好几次。美国名模Naomi Campbell和NBA球星Kobe Bryant就是几个很好的例子。


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