HIYOH!! ~ 哎哟!!

The book I am currently reading is Breaking the surface, the autobiography of Greg Louganis. He is the 1984 and 1988 Olympics diving double gold medalist for three-meter springboard and ten-meter platform. He is a AIDS-positive homosexual. I like the positive appreciate-what-you-have theme of this book.

My current favourite Chinese song is 《与你共枕》. I like the lyrics of this song which seems to describe the commitment phobic nature of relationships these days. However, this song happens to be the Gay Pride song in Hong Kong couple years .

Coupled that with the fact that I show no interest in the slippery, slicky (read: darn darn oily) “friendliness” of the supposed hunk, I am officially a lesbian suspect.

Since when have appreciating the artistic/literature related to homosexuality or lesbian equal to one’s sexual orientation?! Or was it because someone’s inflated ego got somewhat deflated?





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