Andy Lau ~ 刘德华

Andy Lau is an artiste I admire in my younger days. Got to know there is an artiste called Andy Lau because of Jin Yong’s Condor Heros where he appeared as Yang Guo. Honestly, I took efforts to learn how to read traditional Chinese because of Jin Yong and Andy Lau.

As I grew older, my attitudes towards idolizing matures. When this issue first came up, I thought it was a tad unbecoming of Andy Lau. Of course artistes are entitled to their privacy and they are not obligated to disclose their personal relationship. But I thought since this issue has been so clearly OUTed, why act secretive and have a funny “umbrella formation”, making it a media circus?

As a woman looking at Madam Chu’s situation, I sympathize her even though I do not know her personally. In our society, the value of a woman depreciates greatly as she ages. Regardless of what excellent results a woman produces, as long as she is considered “over the top” in her age, she would depreciate. Demeaning terms to describe women in this category are aplenty. Such is the cruelty of the society. To be able to trust and be so supportive of a man, Madam Chu is indeed a very generous woman. Hers is a very bittersweet happiness. To the court side observer, Madam Chu’s situation is much better than Madam Lin’s. At least for her many years of devotion had a very obvious results, and not a heartless “I have committed the mistake that all the men in the world would commit!”

Perhaps this is one of the reason why Andy Lau is so protective and devoted to this relationship. For a woman to put in so much of her precious youth in exchange for the unknown, she has to have a lot of courage, trust and generosity towards the other party.

Madam Chu’s extended family should be rather traditional. All these years, she must have endured a significant amount of pressure from her traditional family and the general society. Unwed pregnancy(one daughter?), a total lack of title, she is in a situation where she is more “unseem” than an illicit mistress.

In Asia, when a man has an affair, it is mostly a hush hush matter where everyone knows but no one is going to discuss about it. This makes Madam Chu’s predicament even more awkward. Who am I? Not a typical love relationship, not a wife, not a mistress, not a normal friend, she doesn’t make it into any of the categories. She is really very courageous, confident and generous in seeking the love she wants and thankfully, her devotion is well worth it.

This is perhaps an affirmation of the Andy Lau brand. She trusted Andy Lau back then to put in so many years of her youth. The passing of old Mr Chu gave Andy Lau a chance to prove himself worthy of her love and devotion. He could have refused to participate in Old Mr Chu’s funeral, citing reasons that he is a public figure and his appearence would affect the proceedings of the funeral. But he did not. Respect.

My heartiest congratulations to them. Cherish each other.









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