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Both my friend and I are book lovers who always buy our books. With that, we are always having the problems of flooding bookcases. Books is also a frequently discussed topic during our outings.

Our characters are totally opposites, so how we treat our books also differs a lot. She is a really very elegant and feminine lady whereas I am a careless tomboy. Our contradictory personalities also reflects on the books we owed.

She is someone who would willingly spend time to take good care of her books. Every book that reaches her would be neatly wrapped with protective plastic covering. The book would also be cleared of scribblings, notes or folds. After she finishes reading the book, it is still in such excellent condition that I think the book store would gladly take the book back as brand new stock.

Well, I do not treat my book that kindly. Books in my hands have to be prepared to go travelling with me. And I have a lot of bad habits when reading. When I am alone, the book got to keep me entertained, ensuring that I am not bored. I am careless, therefore I do not emulate my friend’s habit of wrapping up my books at the very first moment. Therefore, my books ended up with battle scars.

My friend would also use bookmarks to lovingly indicate which page she is currently at. Well, bookmarks to me are just like a long-lost old friend: so familiar yet we are strangers. In one of the drawers in my room lay my bookmarks collection. However, they are all under-utilised these days. Nowadays, my bookmarks are the book receipts, meal receipts, paper covers for disposable chopsticks etc. They are all of bookmark potential. When I really can’t lay my hands on a suitable bookmark, then the current page would just have to bear with a fold in the corner.

My friend seriously dislike all these bad habits of mine and often criticise me for ill-treatment of my books. Therefore, in her personal crusade, books that I had lent to her all come back wrapped with protective plastic covers, just like how a tomboy had for personal grooming class. Good thing I am often able to recognise them!

Sometimes, I can’t help but to think: Reading, isn’t it about the joy of it? Why should the covering and protection of the book be that important? As long as all the pages are intact, the words did not disappear, isn’t that enough?

Perhaps I should really reflect on this. Afterall, first impression counts.





我朋友也会用书签来标记自己读到哪一页。书签对本人而言确实一样曾经熟悉可现在陌生的朋友。在我房里的某个抽屉中可藏着我曾经细心收集的书签,但是现在全都“英雄无用武之地”。现在我读书有时候会用收据来充当书签 —— 买书时的收据、吃饭结帐后的收据、即用筷的纸套等等,对我而言全都有书签“潜能”。当我手上真的没象样的书签“物选”,那就得要委屈我正在读的那一页,被我折上一角了。




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