Curiousity ~ 好奇

I am curious: How come a particular human who:

  • kept stressing how busy she is
  • that all the activities advertised on the newspapers by her organization were all her charges
  • that she had ended up having to work late late late recently
  • actually found the time to do funny quizzes on Facebook?

    She had not harped about how busy she is, I wouldn’t have noticed those quizzes that appeared on my facebook homepage…

    我很好奇:某人说自己很忙怎么有时间上Facebook玩quiz呢?如果他没有一直强调自己有多么忙,报纸上有他的机构的所有活动都是他负责的,他因此而得要天天加班,或许我还不会注意到原来我的facebook Homepage上有他的影子。。。

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