Painful ~ 痛苦

Which is more painful?
a) To have lunch with someone whose only comment of the food is “This is so fattening!” (and that comment is repeated ad nauseam during the entire meal… once every few minutes.)
b) To have dinner with someone whose comments of almost all the food served is “Chey! The *insert name of dish here* is not good! Cannot even compared to mine! I can make better *insert name of dish here* than them!” (and this comment cannot even be verified because the only food we were served when we visited her place was bread, ham, pate and cheeses, none of which could prove the presence of untapped culinary talent…)
a) 跟某个人吃午餐时,她的唯一话题就是“啊!这个吃了很肥的!”(同一句话居然能每几分钟重复一次。午餐一小时,我不知道听了几次了!)
b) 与某人吃晚餐,而她对菜的评语就只是:“喋!这个做得不好!都不能跟我比的!我做的菜还比他们的好呢!” (但是我们无法正式这点。当我们到她家做客时,吃得是面包、火腿、pate与芝士,好像都不能让她展现厨艺的。。。)

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