Changes ~ 改变

Dear Baby,

Theoritically you should be a toddler now. It is been more than a year since you joined our household. Changes have been made so that you, the littlest one of the family, can be comfortable. And of course, your comfort is the whole family’s comfort as well, knowing your powerful lungs.

The changes you have brought about includes:

  • No loud talking or TV after your sleeping hours of 9:30pm;
  • Waking your roommate up at ungodly hours to issue a demand for milk;
  • Making your target put down whatever they are doing to play with you;

The most significant change is of course, how discussion of your bowel movements could take place… at the dining table during dinner.




  • 在你睡觉的时间内不得大声疾呼或将电视的声量调大;
  • 在深夜凌晨的时候把室友叫醒,并强行要求喝奶;
  • 让你的目标人物放下手上的工作来陪你玩;


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