Obituary ~ 讣告

Xiao Pang, 5 years 1 month 13 days, died 8 April 2009 at his owner’s home in Singapore, after an acute motherboard failure.

Xiao Pang joined the household on 26 February 2004 in Singapore. He was the eldest laptop of the household.

Xiao Pang came with a hidden partition for a re-bootable installation WindowsXP.

In the short years of service, Xiao Pang has braved many tantrums of his hot-tempered mistress, courageously attacking university assignments and the many madcap ideas/projects that his mistress has.

Xiao Pang is survived and greatly missed by his owner, YL.

His funeral service will be held Thursday, 9 April 2009 at an undisclosed location.

His family requests that in lieu of flowers, donations are sent to The New Xiao Pang Funds. All donations are tax-UNdeductible.




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