Timing ~ 时机

For the longest of time, I have been trying to find two items which I am very very sure is in my possession.

The thing about these two items are: they do not come with a SIM card or a ringtone. Hence, there is no way I can call a number and listen out for a ringing out there somewhere. For that matter, my mobilephone is on a permanent silent tone and I couldn’t even find it via this call-my-own-phone method.

Anyway, back to the story, I was even able to narrow down the location of the two items, being two sets of printed materials. However, despite searching through the cube where I was sure I had kept those two sets of printed materials, I just couldn’t find them.

Today, I was suddenly spurned on by an ermmmm unknown force that I would definitely find those printed materials in that particular cube.

I did. I found that sandwiched between the pages of a book.

Apparently, many donkey years ago, I had decided to sandwich them between the pages of a hardcover book to keep them nice and straight. Haha… now you see the kind of joke I played on myself?







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