Lines ~ 线

If people-to-people contacts are represented by lines, which kind of line would you like to use to represent your contact with people?

Parallel lines? or crossed lines?

I think I would prefer parallel lines.

Someone asked, “Doesn’t that mean that the parallel lines would never meet up?”

I replied, “Isn’t that good? Why must the lines meet? Crossed lines do meet up at a point, but almost immediately, the lines would move forward in their separate ways. Although parallel lines never meet, but they move forward in the same direction. When a line is moving forward, isn’t it good to have another line moving in the same direction by your side? Between the two lines, there might be an occasional line to join the pair of parallel lines once in a while to touch base, isn’t that ideal?”






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2 Responses to Lines ~ 线

  1. Eileen says:

    Well said! :) I prefer parallel lines too! :P

  2. YL says:

    hehehe… with your two little ones, you and your hubs would have a lot of lines zip-zapping past the two parallel lines… :P

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