Scary ~ 可怕

In a social group, I was in a situation where I had requested help from A and when A got the stuff done, I got a message from B that the stuff was made redundant.

In a passing remark, I mentioned to B that I was feeling guilty as I felt that I had wasted the resources of A and the stuff she produced was not being utilised.  The reply I got from B thrown me off a little and made me a tad wary of B.

B said, “Well, you can help A back next time. After all, friends are meant to be made use of.”

在一个社交组,我处于那种“请某人帮忙,但是结果却没善用他人帮忙的尴尬情况” 。我请甲帮我做了某件事情,但是就在甲伸出源手后,乙却通知我那件事不用了。


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  3. OMG… at least B was honest.

  4. YL says:

    brutally honest…

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