Alcohol ~ 酒

Gathering. Four humans. One bottle of Lungarotti Rubesco 2004 shared. One half-bottle of dessert wine shared. One shot of Grappa per person.

And I am nursing a spinning head.

Old liao lah

聚会。四个人。分享了一瓶Lungarotti Rubesco 2004。分享了半瓶装的甜酒。每人来了一小杯的意大利传统的Grappa烈酒。



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4 Responses to Alcohol ~ 酒

  1. zara's mama says:

    Didn’t know you can drink.. :P

    Btw, how are you? So long didn’t visit you and talk to you already.

  2. YL says:

    hehehehehe… i am just a social drinker.

    been good! have been following the news of your two little ones… cute!! :) but they grew up so fast and so much that they really made me feel so old…

  3. Eh YL… you really 海量 leh. I get dizzy after half a glass. LOL!

  4. yl says:

    me fatter mah… so the alcohol got more space to… ermmmmmmmmmmm… spread out… :P

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