Respect ~ 尊敬

I have a habit. When I am eating alone, I need to read something in order to get my food in. Anything as long as it is in a language I understand.

Someone commented that this is very disrespectful towards the food as I am not tasting carefully what goes into my mouth. Therefore, I should be apologetic to the producers of the ingredients of my food, the chef and the service staff.

But I was thinking: eating occupies my mouth. Reading occupies my eyes. Compared to those who uses their mouths to eat and talk at the same time, I feel that I am showing much more respect to my food.

Everyone has their five senses. I feel that I am better organized in deploying my five senses. The sense of sight concentrates on my reading material whereas my sense of taste concentrates on eating.

Compared to those who required their mouth to multi-task, ie, to eat and talk at the same time, I had, at least, let my food be the “only one” that my mouth is concentrating on.

May I ask, am I showing enough respect to my food?!


有人说,我这种做法,是对食物很不尊敬。因为我没有好好地去品尝我的食物。因此,我的所作所为对不起生产食物材料的人,对不起 烹饪食物的人,对不起服务员。


毕竟人人有五官,我自觉我还把五官负责的工作,分配得还不错 – 眼看书,嘴吃饭。



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2 Responses to Respect ~ 尊敬

  1. Well, it depends. Some food do not deserve respect. LOL!

  2. yl says:

    I am inclined to agree…

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