Childlike joy ~ 童乐

I was playing with the little one at home. Thinking that I should play my auntie role responsibly, I decided to engage the little one in some play-learning.

Holding her two hands and singing, “Left hand, left hand this is my left hand… Right hand, right hand, this is my right hand… clap hands, clap hands… let us clap hands!”

Then something strike me…

I am facing her…

Which means, my left hand is her right side…

And my right hand is on her left side…

And I am raising MY left and right hand…

I think a kid is going to grow up with confusing left and right concepts…









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  1. fannie says:

    what i did was…i hold up Ethyl’s hands and said…this is YOUR left hanf, this is YOUR right hand…and when she’s older, introduce MY left and right hand to her…she can understand the concept well w/o confusion :)

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