Honey ~ 蜂蜜

Saturday. I was hanging out at a hotel lounge with a friend. We ordered a pot of mint tea and with it, came two little pots of honey. Since both of us do not fancy sweeten tea, the two little pots were left untouched on the table.

After a while, my friend had to make a prolonged call. Feeling bored, I picked up one of the little pots to read the food label. In the end, I was thoroughly confused.

On the label was this line:”Pure Honey produced from a mixture of honey from EU countries and non-EU countries.” Now, assuming that we are referring to all the countries in the world. If a country is not an EU country, then it would be a non-EU country, right? If that is the case, then why doesn’t that food label simply state down that the sources of honey came from all over the world and instead, choosing to use a long-winded and awkward “EU countries and non-EU countries”??

And, funnily, also on the same said label:”Product of Austria”??? Then where in the world does this little pot of honey come from? Austria?? Or simply by having honey from all over the world shipped to Austria for mixing?? What does all these means?



标签上的一行写着:“Pure Honey produced from a mixture of honey from EU countries and non-EU countries.” EU countries 是指欧盟国家。那不在欧盟里的就是其余的国家了,也就是non-EU countries,非欧盟国了,不是吗?如果是这样,一个国家如果不在欧盟里,就是非欧盟国家了,不是吗?那世界上所有不在欧盟里的国家都是非欧盟国啊!那食品标签上为什么不写上来自世界各国而却写上了绕舌又变扭的“。。。来自欧盟国家与非欧盟国”的字句呢?

还有一点很妙。在标签上也写上:“Product of Austria”??那么这瓶蜂蜜到底是什么来历??是利用了嗯。。。“产自欧盟国与非欧盟国的纯蜂蜜”在奥地利混淆而成吗?还是根本就是产自与奥地利的蜂蜜,也不知道是为了政治意图还是商业效益而有了这个让人摸不着头脑的标签??

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