Airport ~ 机场

I am at the airport now. No, I am not going overseas. I went to the airport to enjoy a cup of coffee. I have always enjoyed the atmosphere at the airport. Perhaps it is because I do not have much chances of going to the airport when I was young. Which perhaps explains why I would go to the airport whenever I have the time now. This is especially so when I am feeling troubled, watching the planes take off, taking my troubles away with it. Many people would think that I am seriously too free to be taking a bus to the airport in the east of the island for coffee. Yes, I took the public bus. And I live on the west of the island. Only me would do something as meaningless as that.But I just love the airport. If I say that the atmosphere at the airport has a very unique electrifying feel about it, many people would laugh. “what’s so special about it? Except for the fact that there are more pretty stewardesses, more luggages etc! Now, those special stores that used to be available only at the airport are also available elsewhere! So what’s the point of going to the airport?” But the atmosphere at the airport is really special. And it changes throughout the year.

Once, I had to send someone who is going abroad for studies at the airport. Departure hall. At that time, the atmosphere at the airport had a air of anticipation of the freshmen who are going overseas for the first time for studies. For those who came back for school vacation and is going back to school, some had the excited feeling of getting back their freedom they enjoyed overseas, where they do not have the family nagging them. Others might have the sadness of having to leave their families behind again. Hugs. The society back then wasn’t that open, therefore one scene one could see in airport is hugging. Asean parents are more subtle, therefore it is only in the airport that one could see an Asean parent hugging their departing children. Of course, it is not just the students in the departure hall. There are also those workers whose contracts have ended and they are going back to their hometown. Their luggage would have not just the usual luggage bags but also big boxes of electric goods and television sets seems to be their topmost priority. However, they would not have the latest models boasting of the largest screens. They prefer the smaller sets. Other than for the ease of transportation, it is said that such sets are not that big of a power guzzlers and therefore are more popular. They would have the anticipation of leaving and finally being able to meet up with their families again. One would observe that the workers had specially prepared themselves for the occasion, clean shaved, new clothes and some even sport blazers that they were so uncomfortable with.

Departure hall would of course have the usual travellers, outstationed business travellers or returning tourists. With so many different types of people and feelings, how can the airport be not interesting? And on the viewing gallery, there are those handsigns that the ground crew to signal to the pilots after they have loaded and prepared the aircraft for flights… etc

Do go to the airport for a cuppa whenever you are free!

Handwritten in Changi Airport Terminal 2, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves trayliner.






2008年5月4 日
手写于樟宜机场第二大厅Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves.

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