Similarity ~ 相似

when one is left unnoticed, one creates better.
what i value most is always the beginning of everything.
the birth of something with uncertainty.
i guess, when something one creates becomes a desirable commodity to the mass,
it is time to destroy the creation,walk away and not look back.
the ownership no longer belongs to you.
the mass has taken away that intricate and special moment from the creator.
and claim to be theirs.
fame and popularity constantly smother a creator.


it feels like a landscape without limits.
what’s most beautiful about being unnoticed is…no red tapes yet.

Li Xie
How true… Even in a group of less than 20, it feels good to be simply doing your own stuff and not having to care about others that smothers… 才几个星期前,是因为好玩而做,现在却是因为被逼而做。

不管做么好玩的东西,加上个“逼”字就不好玩了。。。 也不想再玩了。


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