Bus ride ~ 车程

I was sitting at my favorite spot in the bus, looking out of the window. I recall someone I knew who had once complained about how a group of youngsters was not giving up their seat for a lady of her age.

Somehow, my first reaction when I heard this tale was not to tsk tsk the youngsters for not caring for the elderly but one of amusement. She had dyed her shock of hair raven black to appear young. She suffers from no joint pains. She is definitely not your fragile old lady. She is a healthy lady in her early sixties who tries to look younger than her age.

And she is offended when a group of youngsters deemed her young enough for them to not offer their seat to her. Should she be happy that, “Hey!! I am still young!!”

Sigh… In summary, she is trying to have the best of both worlds.

Then I wonder: how come I can actually hear myself think today?

No TVmobile.

上巴士(公车)后,我坐在自己一向爱坐的位子。 环境的关系,我不禁要想起某人曾经向我投诉她在乘车时,有一群年轻人居然不让位给她。





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