Attitude ~ 态度

I am curious. When you did not even fight for your chance, would you still have the right to be disappointed? By not fighting for your chance, it would mean that you had given up there and then already, right? Hence, if you have already given up back then, why would you feel disappointed when some of your counterparts have gotten some forms of results?

I wonder.



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3 Responses to Attitude ~ 态度

  1. lesley says:


  2. wtpg says:

    hi hi
    stumble upon ur blog yesterday.
    was a very delightful experience reading ur blog.
    hoping today hv new entry too but no.
    nvm i still can read ur pass entry tot will take me awhile to complete but pls, update new entry soon… ;)

  3. YL says:

    lesley: 就是得要放开咯。。。

    wtpg: Thank you for your support. was bogged down by some stuff recently… would update soon…

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