Kettle ~ 水壶

Once upon a time, I knew someone was keeping a personal alcohol bar at the bottom compartment of the wardrobe. The reason being that it fulfilled all the necessary conditions of keeping wines and alcohols – cool and dark with minimal noise and vibrations.

I laughed and called her an alcoholic.

For 7 years, my alcohol intake was minimal.

I think I have just opened the floodgate.

I miss wine.

No, I don’t miss the alcohol part. Just the wine part.







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4 Responses to Kettle ~ 水壶

  1. It always starts out this way mah… slowly become alcoholic one leh. ^_^

  2. yl says:

    yah lor… i thought i had bypassed it when i totally cut myself off back then… then i took another sip again recently and missed the taste of it all… and, i discovered the wine section of carrefour as well… :(

  3. Let’s have a drink!

    I used to think that vodka was undrinkable. Until I had a bad bout of insomnia. Then, for a while, I can’t sleep unless I have some. Nowadays, I sleep too much because of my heart meds. So actually, alcoholism is pretty self-limiting in some ways.

    Just drink lah…

  4. yl says:

    CHEERS!!! *HIC

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