Wine fan

Suddenly, I feel like having some wine.

May I know, when did I become a wine fanatic?

People who knew me well enough would know that I detest the description “alcoholic”.

And whoever who had the audacity to add the word “hopeless” in front of it is courting death.

I do not like “alcoholic”because, basically, I do not like alcohol. I only like wine. Beer is fine for some occasional socializing. As for the other alcohol, I would usually protest and keep away from it as much as possible.

Horrible humans actually managed to produce such a beautiful beverage with so many subtle underlying tastes within. I thought when Mother Nature left tea behind, she must have been in a good mood. When Mother Nature decides to leave us wine as well, she must have had the best moods of all.

Such a beautiful beverage and she actually selflessly left it for us, she must have been a real kind lady. Or perhaps, she had a clear understanding of how ugly our world might be and taking pity on us, left wine and tea for us so that our world might have a little more colour to it.

Anyway, I digress. I said I do not like alcohol but love wine. Someone said this is a very contradictory statement. Actually, it is not at all contradictory. The person who said this is contradictory is merely having a contradicting time and did not sort out her thoughts on this statement before she said it was contradictory.

Actually, if we could use the same method of production to produce wines that tastes the same sans the alcoholic content, I think I would drink it, gladly. Just as well, I get to taste the many different subtle tastes of the wines without having to worry about how the alcohol is ruining my liver.

Because I like the the many tastes and unplanned surprises wines give to its drinkers. It is always there to give you an unplanned surprise.

Then what is the difference between a wine fan and an alcoholic?

Well, the difference is the drinking style and etiquette.

Think about it yourself.

Such things, could not be explained.

When you get it, you just get it.
If you don’t get it, even if I explained myself hoarse, blew all my brain cells on finding a reasonable explanation, not getting it is just… well, not getting it.

After all, it is an accumulation and combination of various factors such as experiences, education, character, knowledge, upbringing etc.

Really, unexplainable.


Getting it means you get it. Not getting it is not getting it.

Really, there is nothing much to say.




如果你还大胆地在“酒鬼” 两个字前面加个“烂”字,那你肯定是找死了。


丑恶的人类,居然从大自然中可以提炼出这种多层次的美丽饮料。我觉得当Mother Nature把茶留给我们时,心情一定很好。当Mother Nature决定把葡萄酒这种饮料留在人类的世界中,她的心情肯定是好到了姥姥家。
















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