Principle ~ 原则

A particular married individual once said this,”*a particular day of the week is my family day. If I did not even managed to leave this particular day aside for family, I would be a bachelor in time to come.” I admire the underlying meaning of these words.

Honestly, in my life, these words had made their appearances in a variety of ways. I have heard them all. But of all the people I knew, only three who uttered these words and still live up to them… Let’s just call them Mr A, Mr B and Mr C. Three males who used different ways to live up to the principle of those words.

Let’s talk about Mr A. Mr A is from the generation where men are more chauvinistic and expected to be those strong silent types. Therefore, the words of “Loving you” or “loving me” find it difficult to slip through his mouth. He would use his strong silent ways to fulfill his promise to his missus and their little ones, that for the standard of living of the family, he might not have much relaxing time but for this family, there would definitely be a special time for the family. And it is for the persistence of Mr A that the A family used to have a special library trip every Monday where he gave up a chance to earn more in order to bring the kids to library so as to cultivate a reading habit in them. Till now, their kids have somewhat grown up, Mr and Mrs A still have their special together time. Mr A, is my dad.

As for Mr B, he is someone I got to know from somewhere. I never had the chance to meet his family and all. But from my contact with him, Mr B is someone who exudes capabilities and a cosmopolitan approach to things. Some people who fancy themselves as cosmopolitan had this notion that they do not need family, that their career is the most important. Mr B is also very persistent on maintaining the importance of family day. No room for negotiation on that. In doing so, he revealed his devotion towards Mrs B and of course, their family.

Mr C is slightly special in this sense. He is someone who is married for quite some time but did not have any children. Generally speaking, for such couple family, people tends to generalize that they do not need to set aside a family day since, well, they could afford to go dating whenever they want since they are a couple and it would be easy to coordinate their times. Honestly, I think that it is in such family that one tends to neglect each other. If they do not set aside a special day for family, they might soon find that the significant other party in their lives is not the one they married but the one they signed a work contract with.

In a family, I think it is easy to neglect the importance of communication and staying together. Some people have these ridiculous idea that in a family, because the same bloodline flows through the body, they would naturally have the communication and cohesiveness. Balderdash!! To simply just assume that people would stick together because of blood? Being in the same family merely speaks of similar DNA make up. It has got nothing to do with cohesiveness.

The cohesiveness of a family is dependent on whether they are nurtured in such a way. Even if the child is adopted, if he is nurtured to be a part of the family from young, there is no reason why he would not belong. In a family, even if the blood in their bodies are genetically the same, they would still grow up to be competitive and perhaps, fight each other in the legal courts.

This seems to be such a simple but they difficult concept.

* To preserve the privacy of the people concerned, the day he said has been deleted.

某位已婚的老大哥曾说这么一句话:“*某天是我的家庭日。如果连这一天也没空出来,我很有可能在不久的将来又会变成王老五。” 这句话里所包含的原则,让我敬佩。








* 给予个人隐私权,他原本所说的一天已被删除。

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