Reason ~ 道理

Someone bought herself a dog. However, she has made it clear that once she got married and get her own place, she would give up her dog. Because she is currently living with her parents, therefore, it is alright to dirt the apartment with dog fur, poo, pee, puke and what-have you got.

She would give up her dog when she gets married and have her own place because the place would be hers, she is the one who has to either live with it or clean it up. Moreover, by then, the dog would have been old and would not be cute anymore.

I think the dog is very unlucky to have had such an owner. And I think I am rather lucky that I am able to detox such a person from my life.

At a particular high-end function, a particular someone throws a temper just to show that she is in charge.However, she forgot that a real competent in-charge would be able to stay calm and react appropriately to the situation regardless of the stress levels.She just blew the cover on her own incompetency.





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