Neighbours ~ 邻居

We have been neighbors for twenty over years. For all these years, I only knew her as the lady who lives in the apartment with a forest of plants outside. In the pigeon hole neighbourhood, we do not talk much. I did not know her name or family or how many people are there in the apartment.

Today, I left home early. For someone who loves to sleep, I had always waited till the very last minute before I wake up to prepare to go out. However, today, I woke up early. I don’t know why. But everything seems to be special today.

So special that even the people I met tends to be special. When I pass by the “forest” outside this particular neighbor’s place, she was watering her plants. I stopped to chit chat a little with her since well, I am early anyway.

It is when we chit chatted that I got to know, she actually planted all those plants in memory of her Mum, who loves plants; I also learnt that when cactus gets too much water, they would turn mushy. Three times a week is considered rather generous.

It pays to wake up earlier sometimes.






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