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I have a bad habit. I need to read something if I am eating alone. That is, I always need something to keep me occupied. If the discussions of my meal companions are being chased off by me as bad companions are not available, then I would prefer to have something on hand to read.

I do have the habit of carrying books around. The basic criteria to whether a book would be carried out by me is simply whether it is a paperback. A hardcover is destined to a reading life of sitting beside my bed or being banished to some dusty corners of my room.

I confess that I am a rather unfeeling person. I do not cry easily. I could be watching a melodrama and still be laughing through it, especially if some substandard acting is involved.

However, today, with my rather heavy bag, I did not carry a book out. I dropped by the nearby newspaper store and bought some reading material to go along with my breakfast. My choice of reading material made me cry during my breakfast. This is what I was reading:

The cover of the TIME magazine that I am reading
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我选读了《时代》 杂志。

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  1. Echo says:

    I so want to know what in that book made you cry ?

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