Familiarity & closeness ~ 熟悉与亲切

I wonder if anyone has this feeling towards someone. The feeling of extreme familiarity and closeness towards someone of the opposite sex. Like that supposed stranger is somewhat your family. Say, an elder brother.

He has a streak that you would usually find particularly distasteful when it comes to other people. However, when that particular someone displays that particular distasteful streak, you would be able to accept it or even laugh at it. Somehow, there would be this strong sense of being, like I mentioned, an elder brother. That you would always be tempted to want to call Da GeGe so instead of addressing by his name or his social title.

Perhaps it is because he fits into your impression of how an elder brother should be. Perhaps it is because I used to want an elder brother and a younger sister instead of the elder sister and younger brother I had. Well, I didn’t know any better back then, you see. Perhaps it is because the previous person whom I thought was the impression of a good elder brother had disappointed me in some ways. Hence I imposed the impression of an elder brother on him.

But that feeling is there. Oh, please do not suggest anything incestuous. I know how some particular immature individuals like to use that term as a romantic euphemism. I am waaaaaaaaaay past that age of infatuation. I dare say I can clearly tell the difference. It is just that feeling of familiarity and closeness that made me always having to keep in check that I do not do something silly. Like call him Da GeGe out of the blue without provocation (Can’t blame me if I am being provoked, right? :P).

But he is Da GeGe.

Strange, isn’t it?







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