Ice cream ~ 冰淇淋

Amazingly, a 12-stick box of ice cream actually survived being intact for about 2 months in our fridge. Usually, such a box of ice cream couldn’t survive more than 2 weeks in our fridge.

The trick?

Buy ice creams that come in favours that no one cared for, such as Chempalek, sweet corn, etc.




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4 Responses to Ice cream ~ 冰淇淋

  1. Eileen says:

    I would not touch if it’s durian flavour…

  2. YL says:

    hehe… incidentally, durian is one of the first few to disappear… :P

  3. I protest! Chempadak is nice mah!

  4. YL says:

    But we don’t know how to appreciate mah!!

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