Question ~ 问题

Does anyone know what is the correct Chinese and English name for the Malay dessert of agar-agar?? Jelly??

谁知道该如何称呼由马来名称演变而来的甜品 – agar agar 啊???

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4 Responses to Question ~ 问题

  1. victor koo says:

    The Cantonese call it Tai Choi Kou (大菜糕). The Hokkien call it Chai Yen. Don’t know if they are the proper terms though.

  2. YL says:

    yeah… there is always so many versions and corruption of terms that it is very difficult to tell which is which…

  3. YL says:

    果冻不是那种比较软一点的吗???agar agar好象比较硬一点,成分也不同??

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