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He Just Wants To Say “Hi!”

He Just Wants To Say “Hi!” Aggression or appropriate response to rudeness? Far too many dogs suffer because handlers & trainers don’t know the difference between the two. By Suzanne Clothier Sitting quietly on the mall bench beside my husband, … Continue reading

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前两天在《早报》副刊看到这篇,觉得写得温和却有力。收藏。 王杰 蔡澜(香港—>新加坡,早报, 2010年10月18日) 娱乐版上,又看到王杰的新闻,说他三年后退出,剃个大光头去欧洲骑电单车流浪,亦说到有人想阻止他复出。 不知是什么道理,每回看王杰的消息,他总是一肚子的怨言。近来看他的访问,也大诉母亲嗜酒好赌,前妻又骗光他的财产,对父亲的评价亦不是很高。 想起王杰八九岁时,常来我家玩和吃东西,很少看到他的笑容,非常有个性,样子可爱到极点,我非常喜欢这个小朋友的。 多年不见,乐坛上出现了一颗新星,以反叛和忧郁扮相见称,歌唱时像撕出心肺,吸引了不少歌迷,后来才知道是王杰。 和王杰的父母,交往较深,当年在邵氏宿舍里一块吃饭聊天,偶尔,也和王太太打打台湾牌,赌注不大。 父亲王侠是我交情最深的演员之一,本名王振钊,西安人,随父到台湾,空军官校肄业,早年演话剧,后来报考丁伯駪的亚洲公司,开始拍台语片,好在当年是配音的,那么多年来,王侠的台语还是不灵光。 台湾电影进入了国语片年代,导演潘垒提拔 王侠在《金色年代》担任要角,潘垒到了香港,也把他一块带来,签约邵氏当基本演员。流行拍OO七式的电影,王侠被女主角引诱上床时,导演要学足西片,叫他在胸上黐上假毛。当年化妆术不佳,像两团胸罩,想起此事,王侠也笑了起来。 回台湾后,王太太在家乡的娘家,留下的地皮值钱,生活过得富裕,听了也安心。但在香港又与王侠重逢时,发现他的经济情况并不如传闻中那么好,刚巧在监制一部叫《不夜天》的戏,我请他拍了一角,片酬并不是很多,王侠说够了,儿子爱音乐,有钱替他买一个电吉他就是。 不知王杰记不记得此事?记住他人的好事,忘记他们的缺点,也许,怨言就没那么多了。

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Stupid ~ 笨蛋

Once upon a time, someone, L, was planning a business trip overseas in a few days’ time. As L was making preparations, I reminded him that he had to get some batteries for his camera to take photographs for the … Continue reading

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10.10.10 ~ 10.10.10

Yesterday was 10.10.10, the auspicious triple “10”. Many people said that this is a real rare chance. Hence almost everyone with the intention to get married rushed to get married on this super special day. “It’s a memorable day! We … Continue reading

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Bus ~ 巴士

The shuttle bus was hot. Way hotter than the weather outside. “Darn! The air-con is down! It’s so hot and stuffy!” someone standing behind me complains. “Never mind, it’s just a short trip.” another said. And through the whole 5 … Continue reading

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Protected: A Letter to the Universe ~ 给宇宙大地的信

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Semoga Bahagia

Semoga Bahagia From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Semoga Bahagia is a Malay song composed by the famous composer Zubir Said. Zubir Said also composed many other songs, among them Majulah Singapura which was adopted as the National Anthem of Singapore. … Continue reading

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Essay: Do you still recognise me? ~ 收藏:还认得我吗?

Do you still recognise me? (2010-09-27) ● He Meng ZaoBao To be a  Good teacher A young man put his head through the door and said, “Principal, do you still recognize me?” Stunned, I looked at that skinny face, so … Continue reading

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