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Andy Lau ~ 刘德华

Andy Lau is an artiste I admire in my younger days. Got to know there is an artiste called Andy Lau because of Jin Yong’s Condor Heros where he appeared as Yang Guo. Honestly, I took efforts to learn how … Continue reading

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Book ~ 书

Both my friend and I are book lovers who always buy our books. With that, we are always having the problems of flooding bookcases. Books is also a frequently discussed topic during our outings. Our characters are totally opposites, so … Continue reading

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Bets ~ 赌注

Z had, in a moment of emotional weakness, confided some private matters to me. I understood that Z is someone who cherish privacy. This action by Z had shocked and pressurized me. To balance the scales, I think Z must … Continue reading

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