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有人问 我为什么老爱与别人保持距离? 我知道。 我承认了。 保持距离, 那是为您好。 害怕您走近看清楚了, 会失望地走开。 这么做, 太费时又费事了。 人生太多的失望了, 我保持的距离, 是免去您失了望, 还得努力地假装 来免去我因为知道了您的失望而觉得失望。 所以, 我的答案是: 我的距离 是免去大家的失望。

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Celebrity ~ 明星

I saw a celebrity in the streets today. Then did I realize: the willowy elegant image on TV is actually that painful to watch in reality. Just another irony in life. 今天在街上看到某位女明星。 这才发现:原来电视上那个娥娜高贵的形象在现实中让人看了是这么得心疼。 又是人生里的另一讽刺。

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Painful ~ 痛苦

Which is more painful? a) To have lunch with someone whose only comment of the food is “This is so fattening!” (and that comment is repeated ad nauseam during the entire meal… once every few minutes.) b) To have dinner … Continue reading

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Interrupted ~ 中断

The machines took turns to give me much hair-raising moments. The internet connection is spotty at its best. The dwelling is being hacked up now for vote-buying upgrading purposes. My new course is starting soon. Be right back soon. 机器轮流当机,让我将头发一拔再拔。网络联系在最乖的时候都是断断续续的。家里现在正被狠狠地被“敲打”中,就为了收买人心翻新工程。  … Continue reading

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