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Nerd ~ 呆子

The Wikipedia website has always been my daily visit. People around me commented on how nerdy I was. “How can you always read things off wikipedia? What’s the purpose of reading so many facts? Who can recall so many facts … Continue reading

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Cooling down ~ 冷静

Went through a rough patch at work. Was despairing over my lack of achievements. Entertained the thought: if I simply disappear tomorrow, would anyone even notice? Then I realized: Everyone has their own set of problems. It’s their attitude towards … Continue reading

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Rubik’s Cube ~ 魔术方块

A while ago, the ah-boy was engrossed in solving Rubik’s cube because, well, his social circle was engrossed in it. Someone from his circle boasted, “Just try the trick I told you! It would definitely work! I can even tell … Continue reading

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Teacher ~ 老师

I saw an ex-teacher today. An ex-teacher from a school I attended more than a decade ago. She has never taught me before, but somehow, I recognised her and even managed to put a name to the face. However, the … Continue reading

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Timing ~ 时机

For the longest of time, I have been trying to find two items which I am very very sure is in my possession. The thing about these two items are: they do not come with a SIM card or a … Continue reading

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Thank you ~ 谢谢

If you find that somehow, this blue blue blog appears to be more colourful suddenly, please do not be mistaken. For all my images have returned!!!! A special thank-you to Mandrake, who has take time off to entertain my request … Continue reading

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To: someone ~ 至:某人

Someone complained that I “never say anything”. Someone commented that I am “very enigmatic”. All in all, I wonder why. I am merely protecting myself. I am merely protecting the privacy of the people who had confided their secrets to … Continue reading

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Lines ~ 线

If people-to-people contacts are represented by lines, which kind of line would you like to use to represent your contact with people? Parallel lines? or crossed lines? I think I would prefer parallel lines. Someone asked, “Doesn’t that mean that … Continue reading

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我不禁要想: 这样挥霍无度, 金山也迟早被挖掘一空。 不知道在不久的将来, 会不会在国外出现我国牌的女佣? 我想那素质必定没有其他国家好。 为了糊口饭, 您能忍辱偷生, 能忍泪吞血吗? 不知道当国外工作的国人 被雇主虐待至死时, 会有政府官员表示愤怒吗? 我想多半, 为了那笔回来的钱, 大家就闭嘴什么都不说。 呵呵呵 愚公们正在移金山 山平,树倒,猢狲跑。

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Minibonds ~ 迷你债券

As the bus sped towards my destination, I suddenly recalled this incident a couple years back on another bus trip where I was sitting on the bus when a pair of friends came on board. Sitting near me, one of … Continue reading

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