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牛年的第一场战。 不想多说什么。 反正, “算了”这两个字说得太多次, 人就会很容易从随和变成随便。 我不介意为人随和一点, 但是我真的很不愿意当个随便的人。 有些战, 是得要自己打的, 不能依赖旁人帮忙。 因为这样太窝囊了。 有些事, 明眼的人,懂就是懂。。。 不懂的人,你怎么呐喊,听不到就是听不到。 不想面对的人,哪怕您解释得口都干了, 他永远都不会在乎,何必浪费精力呢? 有人说, 我在欺骗自己开心。 有人说, 我是时候发标了。 有人, 却是什么都不想说。 点到为止吧。。。 毕竟现在还算过年。 开心就好。

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Graduation ~ 毕业

I graduated six months ago. The best part is: I actually missed school. I could feel my brain going stale. I really want to go back to school. Perhaps it’s the escapist in me. I am merely escaping from responsibilities. … Continue reading

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Reunion dinner ~ 团圆饭

I realized that it is very therapeutic to be washing dishes after the reunion dinner. With that, the most fun part of the Chinese New Year is gone and what’s left is the rather distasteful part of house-visiting and fending … Continue reading

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请问:“爱人结婚了,新郎不是我”这句话是出自谁的手笔?? 谢谢!

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Bread ~ 面包

Yesterday, we baked some frozen bread for lunch. There were some leftover bread in the oven. Today, the ah-boy asked, “How long are you all going to bake the bread??” To which the auntie replied, “Yesterday, we baked for the … Continue reading

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Pedicure ~ 修脚指

After the last-minute spring-cleaning, the Auntie decides to paint her nails a shade of schweet schweet pink. Her cheeky daughter decides to help her. Except that the tom boy couldn’t paint nails to save her own life. “See!!! Tataaaaaa~!!! So … Continue reading

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最近似乎到处都是的坏新闻,什么经济进入衰退、什么萎缩、什么名校子弟无故倒下死去。 算了,好日子过得太好,将来也不会有刻骨铭心的回忆。如果《小娘惹》里的山本月娘没有受那么多的苦,她能说了个三十多集的人生故事给孙女儿听吗??

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I walked into Kinokuniya, planning to buy only two books – Two Little Girls in Blue (Mary Higgins Clark) and Dreams from my father(Barack Obama). However, I ended up buying two more by Mary Higgins Clark because they looked promising. … Continue reading

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Facebook ~ Facebook

I saw someone’s Facebook profile, a once-close-now-estranged friend from long long ago. The mouse cursor hovered over the Add as Friend icon. The finger hesitated to click. Because the hurt is still there. No, I did not click. Perhaps, we … Continue reading

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Fabulous Blog Award

Since it was a sign of faith that Eileen actually dared to dole out such an award to this semi-dead, half-alive blog, what else can I do but to shamelessly accept this award and obliged? YAY!!!!!! Now, comes the catch: … Continue reading

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