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MobileOne complaints

Let it be known that MobileOne Mobile Broadband is terrible, horrible and absolutely unforgiveable! Let it be known that MobileOne Mobile Broadband always gives me a poor signal when I am at home! Let it be known that MobileOne Mobile … Continue reading

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Alcohol ~ 酒

Gathering. Four humans. One bottle of Lungarotti Rubesco 2004 shared. One half-bottle of dessert wine shared. One shot of Grappa per person. And I am nursing a spinning head. Old liao lah… 聚会。四个人。分享了一瓶Lungarotti Rubesco 2004。分享了半瓶装的甜酒。每人来了一小杯的意大利传统的Grappa烈酒。 而我现在头晕目旋。 老啦。。。…

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“莫等闲,白了少年头,空悲切。。。” 清楚地知道自己已“白了少年头”了,所以“莫等闲”了。今天终于去做一件避免自己将来会“空悲切”的事情。 紧张。害怕。不安。 我。。。真的可以吗??我。。。会不会在不久的将来做出对不起自己的事情?? 紧张。害怕。不安。

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人生在世,平衡最重要。 百分之五十的乐观,就有百分之五十的悲观。 百分之五十的快乐,就有百分之五十的忧伤。 百分之五十的自信,就有百分之五十的自卑。 百分之五十的幸运,就有百分之五十的倒霉。 百分之五十的记忆,就有百分之五十的失忆。 这或许就是人的一生了。就是五十对五十。

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现时。某某人说话有欠得体,其傲慢自以为是,显露无疑。物以类聚,无以别散之道理,小可避而远之。 电邮。某某人其傲慢自以为是之态度,依然在字里行间清楚可见。小可爆跳如雷。 小可之修为,肚腩奇大无比,度量,却小之可怜。 气死俺是也!!!!!!!:@:@:@:@:@:@:@:@

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Remember ~ 记得

Remember the words of the elder brother: Easy success would not be appreciated. This is the reason why the plan did not go on smoothly, with much problems and tests along the way. Remember! Remember! Do not give up. Because, … Continue reading

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忽然间, 我觉得他好可怜。 不会体验人生的乐趣, 不了解放下的轻松, 不明白失去的快乐, 不接受失败的教诲。 他拥有了,却失去很多。 他赢了,却仍然惨败。 人生如此,意义何在? 悄悄地, 我为他流下他不明白的眼泪。

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“莫等闲,白了少年头,空悲切。。。” 真的。。。 “莫等闲,白了少年头,空悲切。。。” 我真的不想“等闲”了。。。因为本人已经开始“白了少年头”了。。。所以不希望有“空悲切”的情况出现。。。

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Next lap ~ 路程

The lap has ended. I have to admit that I do have some daredevil and rather willful plans for the next lap. And I wonder if I should participate in the graduation fiasco. Sometimes, I wonder: shouldn’t good old pa … Continue reading

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Sorry ~ 对不起

There will always be such a book. One that you really would like to read but knowing your own emotional state is in no position to handle such a book, you would have to let it go and not read … Continue reading

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