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Still alive… ~ 还活着。。。

…just plain lazy to write… soon… 。。。只是懒惰写。。。快了。。。

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Childlike joy ~ 童乐

I was playing with the little one at home. Thinking that I should play my auntie role responsibly, I decided to engage the little one in some play-learning. Holding her two hands and singing, “Left hand, left hand this is … Continue reading

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Masochistic ~ 自虐

I just miss those feelings of being totally involved in what I am doing… to the point of forgetting about food and sleep… … But, I would also be hurt by those masochistic actions… … And what is more satiric … Continue reading

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Who says it’s hard to learn Chinese?

Who says it’s hard to learn Chinese? Lee Seng Giap Wed, Jun 04, 2008 The Straits Times SOME English-educated Chinese Singaporeans think and say that Chinese is difficult to learn. That is why their children find it hard to pick … Continue reading

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Elderly ~ 老人

Old lady, you left us quite some time ago, right? Your old apartment has been sold to another family. They did not do much renovations and therefore your apartment preserved much of its old looks from since when you stayed … Continue reading

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Missing ~ 不见

I lost a book. Right in my room. . . . . . . . . . . . I forgot which shelf had I placed the book. How?? [Update: I found it!!! It wasn’t on the shelves. It was … Continue reading

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