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Airport ~ 机场

I am at the airport now. No, I am not going overseas. I went to the airport to enjoy a cup of coffee. I have always enjoyed the atmosphere at the airport. Perhaps it is because I do not have … Continue reading

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Self destruction ~ 自残

Sometimes, I thought: May I know why am I still so involved? Why do I persisted on when the whole world doesn’t care, given up or couldn’t be bothered and yet I still gripped on to it tightly? Spending so … Continue reading

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Roommate ~ 室友

My newest roommate is here. Contrary to my usual unwelcoming attitude towards my last room-mate, somehow, I welcome this little room-mate. Oh, by the way, did I mention that she is the tiniest in the whole apartment but has the … Continue reading

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Honey ~ 蜂蜜

Saturday. I was hanging out at a hotel lounge with a friend. We ordered a pot of mint tea and with it, came two little pots of honey. Since both of us do not fancy sweeten tea, the two little … Continue reading

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这是我我们的制作。请欣赏。 Powered by

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The memory is working… somehow ~ 那记忆力似乎仍然还在操作中。。。

Late night. Quiet. Good for sound editing. I needed a particular piece of music from this particular CD I clearly remembered having since it used to be one of my favourite CD. Searched my CD drawer. Not there. Searched my … Continue reading

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人生本就是如此,过客停停走走。。。 兄妹缘分或许已尽,再强行将那大哥哥的影像套上去也没用了。

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一直都很喜欢这首歌,虽然我不是完全听得懂。 歌词名称:追 歌手:张国荣 专辑:宠爱 歌词:小可 这一生也在进取 这分钟却挂念谁 我会说是唯独你不可失去 好风光似幻似虚 谁明人生乐趣 我会说为情为爱仍然是对 谁比你重要 成功了败了也完全无重要 谁比你重要 狂风与暴雨都因你燃烧 一追再追 只想追赶生命里一分一秒 原来多麽可笑 你是真正目标 一追再追 追踪一些生活最基本需要 原来早不缺少 ha…… 有了你即使平凡却最重要 好光阴纵没太多 一分钟又如何 会与你共同渡过都不枉过 疯恋多错误更多 如能从新做过 我会说愿能为你提前做错 一追再追 只想追赶生命里一分一秒 原来多麽可笑 你是真正目标 一追再追 追踪一些生活最基本需要 原来早不缺少 h a…… 只得你会叫我彷佛人群里最重要 … Continue reading

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歌曲:恋爱症候群歌手:黄舒俊专辑:雁渡寒潭 黄舒俊:恋爱症候群 (口白)有许多专家告诉我 他们说要以理性的态度谈恋爱 我常想大概这些专家从来没有谈过恋爱 不信你试看看你谈恋爱还会有理性 我想那大概是假的(唱) 关于恋爱症候群的发生原因 至今仍然是最大的一个迷 不管性别年龄职业体重学历长相和血型 没有一个人可以免疫 有些专家学者研究后相信 恋爱是内分泌失调所引起 却有别人认为恋爱属于过滤性簿 像感冒无药可救但会自动痊愈 不管你同不同意 自古到今许多例子证明 恋爱不但是一种病态 它还可能是一种变态 一般发病后的初期反应 会开始改变一些生活习性 洗澡洗得特别干净刷牙刷得特别用力 半夜突然爬起来弹钢琴 有人每天站在阳台对路人傻笑 有人突然疯疯癫癫突然很安静 有人一脸痴呆对著镜子咬著指甲打喷嚏 有人对小狗骂三字经 女人突然改变发型 男人开始每天练著哑铃 食欲不振歇斯底里四肢萎缩神经过敏发抖 抽筋都出现在这时期 随著病情越来越变本加厉 人会变得格外敏感勇敢和恶心 写的唱的说的都像天才诗人一般才华洋溢 愈肉麻愈觉得有趣 有人恋爱之后每天躲在厕所哭泣 有人开记者会宣布恋爱的消息 有人总是喜欢两个人躲在黑漆漆的地方 像做了不可告人的事情 每天忙著算命 … Continue reading

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Issues ~ 事情

Sometimes, matters are so minute that we wonder if we should bring it up for discussion or simply to let it go? This issue, is not exactly a big issue. However, it is not exactly a small issue either. Other … Continue reading

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