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演员:有人就有江湖。 导演最累的,不是导戏,是人事。 我最怕花时间取悦演员,还要游说安抚。 从来没有戏份少,只有演得好不好。 演员是很没有安全感的。不管他/她是不是老鸟。都一样。 唉,到时要处理的杂七杂八多得是,我实在没空去当一个保姆。 面对6个演员,但只有一个邪姑,怎么哄? 李安有汤唯这么视死如归的演员,难怪老泪会感动横飞。 李邪 真的,有人就有江湖。上星期五点火先生不经意的一句话,就开始卷入了江湖纷争中,至今还在猜疑:点火先生到底是无心之过,还是有心使坏呢?点火先生话一出口,火药先生眼神射向傻愣愣的我。我还在发愣呢!还好有位机警的右旁观女士解围。可火药先生过后仍然是要求一个合理的解释。还好那一刻,我已经回过神来了。要不然,可要闹世纪大战了。感谢右旁观女士的解围。本来就对点火先生抱有的一点不合理偏见,是要放下还是要继续?点火先生过后似乎察觉自己点燃了导火线,有找我聊天,表示往后他愿意尽可能配合参与计划。患上严重疑心病的我怀疑:你这是说真的还是想打圆场,说着玩的吧?态度:保留。 找了左旁观小姐与对岸小姐聊起此火药场面。各持己见。一旁觉得是点火先生一时兴奋,得意忘形而导致一时失误,脱口而问。毕竟,不管多么机灵的人,也有失灵的时候。另一旁觉得是点火先生有心机地施展“借刀杀人”之计,想借我的手将某些人铲除。呵呵。。。还真是劲爆又精彩! 怨得谁啊?只怨当初写下“江湖”二字的家伙! 待续!再看着办吧!

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Control ~ 控制

Many times, the feeling of a loss of control over myself overwhelms me. Very scary. When I feel that sense of control coming back, the feeling is more exhilarating than meeting up with old old friends. Sadly, what comes next … Continue reading

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有时候,我觉得我好孤独。。。 身边似乎永远只有一个我独处。 但是我却不愿意放弃那份宁静, 来享受你的多情。。。 你或许从来没有注意, 你的坚持, 让我窒息。 因为你给的, 我无法珍惜。 都说了, 我的左手是矛, 我的右手是盾, 它们也就开开心心地打架去。。。 请你另做感情投机。 我对你与她, 真的没兴趣。 真的, 请你滚出我的世界去。 因为, 我很珍惜我的孤独与宁静。 谢谢!

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Sensitivity ~ 敏感

There are times when I wonder if I am being overly sensitive or socially inadequate… Sigh… Honestly, I have to concede to being social inadequacy. I am seriously too much of a lone wolf… *walks off… shake head…* HOWLLLLLLLLLllllllllllllll…

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Kettle ~ 水壶

Once upon a time, I knew someone was keeping a personal alcohol bar at the bottom compartment of the wardrobe. The reason being that it fulfilled all the necessary conditions of keeping wines and alcohols – cool and dark with … Continue reading

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Drink and drive? It reeks of immaturity

Drink and drive? It reeks of immaturity Debbie Yong Mon, Dec 17, 2007 The Straits Times YOU might have been there. Standing in the queue outside Zouk on a Wednesday night and watching enviously as fresh-faced drivers jingled the keys … Continue reading

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Wine fan

Suddenly, I feel like having some wine. May I know, when did I become a wine fanatic? People who knew me well enough would know that I detest the description “alcoholic”. And whoever who had the audacity to add the … Continue reading

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前面的方向,看不到。 周边扶持的人,很多。 所得评语,客气。 学习大道,弯曲坦克。 第一次有那么酸甜苦辣的学习经验。 以前都不会的。 迷惑。 所以废话特别多。

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Courage ~ 勇气

So, one does need courage to send out her scripts for reviewing. The first one is already out in the streets. The rest? I don’t dare to sent it… Such childish unpolished work?? Sending it out? How come my fingers … Continue reading

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Wedding banquet ~ 喜宴

Wedding banquet in progress. A montage of the newlyweds is showing from cradle to marriage. I know the newlyweds had bought a scanner-printer just to scan those hardcopy photos in. Back then, a roll of film could set you back … Continue reading

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