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小的时候听到的广告词,到现在还深深地烙印在脑海中。为什么现在没有这种广告词了呢?? 衣服本来 刚刚好 怎么现在 扣不上 为什么 坐的椅子 怎么小 小到门也钻不了 味道好 成长 成长 我已成长 私科多米鱼干油 陪伴我一起成长

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Christmas observation ~ 观察圣诞节

Why does it seems that Christmas Eve seems to have become Christmas itself and Christmas Day seems to have been “just another day”? Why did a day of rich historical and religious significance become so commercialized that buying presents had … Continue reading

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Love billboard ~ 感情榜

A gathering. The little boy is currently the only son of the young family, with a sibling coming along in a few months’ time. Good old mum was merrily entertaining us with stories of the little boy’s recent emotional positivity … Continue reading

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Technology ~ 科技

I am someone who do not like to talk on the phone or call people up. Due to my work nature, I tend to keep my phone on silent mode, preferring to return calls or SMSes when my work come … Continue reading

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Year-end ~ 年终

One personal year end activities that I like to do is to re-read my yearly astrological readings that was released at the beginning of that year to assess just how accurate the readings were. I read my 2007 astrological readings … Continue reading

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Good friend, bad girlfriend

Good friend, bad girlfriend Teo Cheng Wee Mon, Nov 12, 2007 The Straits Times WHEN contemplating my singlehood, I sometimes bemoan the fact that some of my best female friends are already hitched, and I wonder what could have been … Continue reading

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Disappearance ~ 失踪

I think I disappeared for quite a while. Nope, this blog is still alive. I just thought it would be a good idea to hibernate and try to write a Chinese radio drama script, which is another form of creative … Continue reading

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Writer’s block ~ 写作瓶颈

I was very inspired for the last two days. I was having a lot of very clear ideas about why I should suddenly understand a particular project and how the project should run, right down to every single step. How … Continue reading

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Little girl ~ 小妹妹

There are many times where I suspect: Am I really that insensible of a kid? That my insensibility seems to be detected by quite a few gentlemen with age so much so that they are obligated to say all-things-nice just … Continue reading

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那天,你忽然回来。 说你要回到六年前的我们。 我心里在想 是六年来你没长进 还是我六年来我长大太多? 曾经你是我的一切 但是我却是你的一点 现在你已经是别人的一切 就请你别来说想要与我分享你的一切 因为你的麻烦 我一点都不希罕 因为我不是六年前的我 现在的我不需要你了 也没有必要去追求那种无味 请你滚出我的世界。 谢谢。

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