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The art of questioning ~ 问术

I plead guilty. I am a person who loves to ask questions. But I concede defeat on the art of asking questions. If you had a choice over the mode of communicating your questions, which mode would you choose? The … Continue reading

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Papa ~ 爸爸

The bus draws up into the bus bay. I looked out from the bus’ window and saw a father with a young son tucked under his arm, running for the bus that I am on. I prepared to press the … Continue reading

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某天,某位大爷爷对我说了一句:”这种老街名,现在的年轻人已经不懂这些了。。。等老一辈的人都走了,就没有人懂了。”好令人伤感的话。。。所以问题人物又出问题了。。。 以下是目前手上所得到的资料。谁能继续添加呢?? 大坡 = 桥南路一带(South Bridge Road) 小坡 = 桥北路一带(North Bridge Road) 坡底 = 大坡 + 小坡 大坡大马路 = 桥南路(South Bridge Road) 大马路 = 桥南路 二马路 = Victoria street 三马路 = Queen street 四马路 = Waterloo Street 五马路 = Bencoolen … Continue reading

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Happy ~ 开心

Westerners have a saying: if things goes wrong, it means that one has got off on the wrong side of the bed.The placement of my bed is alongside the wall on the left side. Which means I could only get … Continue reading

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