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Room Decorations ~ 房间点缀

I thought that my room walls here too empty. So a couple weeks back, I went to Ikea and bought a flower flower picture. Having put it up, I felt that it was still rather empty. So in the end, … Continue reading

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1 “拥有”跟“享有”,是有差距的。 不少家庭“拥有”钢琴,但并不“享有”钢琴 – 他们的钢琴是家具、是展示品、但却不是家中的音乐、不是生活。 不少财主“拥有”名画,但并不“享有”名画 – 他们的名画是上流社会的会员证、是金钱比赛的奖杯,但却不是艺术,即不感动财主、也没能启发财主。 “拥有”,但无法“享有”。 那,有沒有倒过来的例子呢? 有沒有“享有”、却无法拥有的东西? 多的是。 2 我们“享有”空气,但无法“拥有”空气。 我们“享有”阳光,但无法“拥有”太阳。 我们有时候会昏了头,以为阳光、空气、水、大地、能源,通通属于我们、通通归我们所有。于是我们胡乱挥霍,以为反正不要錢,直到矿挖完、空气与水脏掉、阳光变得会伤人, 这时,我们才醒觉,这些对生命来说最重要的东西,并不是我们的,只是让我们用而已。 我们滥用了这些生命所需,因為我们误以为 都是我们的。 3. 我们享用友情、亲情, 但沒有辦法“拥有”那个友人、那个亲人。 我们也享用爱情, 但沒有辦法“拥有”那个爱人。 就享有吧 “享有”比“拥有”貴重多了 那才是生命的光泽 生命消失時 將在眼前閃耀。 转载自蔡康勇

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我爱问问题。 不懂的事, 就应该问嘛, 不是吗? 只要所问的问题不会侵犯他人的隐私, 我多半都会问。 因为我也不喜欢他人用相同的方式侵犯于我。 但是, 什么是该问的问题。 什么又是不该问的问题呢? 我迷惑。 因为我也搞不懂。 我在想, 我的问题, 到底会在那一天, 把身边的人们逼疯, 而让他们离我而闪得远远的? 或许是现在。 我也不想这样。 可偏偏本性是如此。 我会尽量做出改善的。

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If ~ 如果

Someone said, If he had those chances, he would make better use of them than that person. If he had those chances, he would be able to produce much better results than that person. If he had those chances, he … Continue reading

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Appreciaton ~ 感谢

Thanks to the cowboy for the plug that brought a certain number of traffic to this little space of mine. I am honoured. Thanks to Mandrake the perpetual cuddle bitch who had decided to give a liquidblade account to some … Continue reading

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跌到了, 没关系。 擦擦土, 扫扫尘, 站起来, 向前进。 YL, 加油了。

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Comedy ~ 闹剧

I had just complained about being harassed by telemarketers and almost immediately, I am the fellow who is doing the harassing. I sent an SMS to the wrong person again. It’s always the case. Whenever there is a new entry … Continue reading

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Mobile phone ~ 手机

Telephone. Mobilephone. These are gadgets that people couldn’t live without. But honestly, no matter how much convenience and help these gadgets brought about, I still do not like it. This is especially so for mobile phones. To me, mobile phones … Continue reading

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Telemarketing ~ 电话行销

Let it be known that telemarketing is one of the worst marketing campaign an organization can ever partake. That is not customer service. That is plain rude and intrusive marketing. Let it be known that where telemarketers are concerned, I … Continue reading

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Popiah ~ 薄饼

I had popiah for dinner today. At the popiah stall, I noticed that the stall lady was using popiah skins from two different packs. Being the busybody curious person I am, I asked, “May I know how come you use … Continue reading

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