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Being petty ~ 小气鬼

There are many times where I feel very petty, that I focused too much on the little things people do or say. Of course, with such a petty focus in life, it is pretty often that I get bogged down … Continue reading

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不听还好,一听才察觉:自己的中文咬字并没有想象中那么标准。理想与现实总是有差距,但是我却不知道原来自己心里“以为的”和现实居然差得那么得远。不禁要觉得是自己毁了整个制作。 是我太自以为是了。 我认错了。 Sorry.

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Mixed feelings ~ 混乱情绪

When a particular gossip-monger with a mean penchant for “improvising” facts bought a new apartment, tongues started wagging about how she could afford it and her rather extravagant lifestyle of branded clothes, expensive perfumes and jewellery. They started wondering if … Continue reading

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Have you ever… ~ 你是否有经历过。。。

…had an unexplained premonition of impending storm? Like a sense of feeling that something big is about to happen and you are most probably going to be powerless to stop it? That it might be big enough to make things … Continue reading

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Communication ~ 沟通

After so many years of being Singapore-educated in primarily English, someone still wrote me emails where I seriously do not understand whether they are trying to speak English using Mandarin Language syntax or Mandarin expressed in English. A message totally … Continue reading

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Bean sprouts ~ 豆牙

When you are eating outside, what is the thing that would really get to you?? For me, it would be the fact that the husks of the green beans are served together with the bean sprouts. To me, it could … Continue reading

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I have installed Overture, which is a music notation software. The printer at home has been on strike since… well, since quite some time ago and labour union negotiations had not been initiated. Anyway, with the other documents, I usually … Continue reading

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Retribution ~ 报应

For the longest time, I have been teasing the Uncle about his front teeth. Or rather, the lack of them due to substandard dental care in his growing up years. Retribution came. My front right tooth chipped yesterday. I couldn’t … Continue reading

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老师的一句:“你们会发现今天的课很好玩哦。。。接下来的会更好玩的。。。*对我说*好玩吧!!” 不禁要让我黯然。我还没玩够呢!!结果十堂课就要结束了。少了那说话油腔滑调的先生,我觉得我们现在还不能虎当一面。我们这群人还太嫩了,需要一个较有经验的人当灵魂人物,否则很快就会瓦解的。 快要没得好玩了。。。几乎每次学东西都是我先“不玩了!!”的, 这还是第一次在我还没玩够就没得玩的游戏。。。 真的很好玩。。。我好想在玩下去。发了email给全部的人,问问谁愿意当我的玩伴呢??希望能得到较踊跃的反应,也希望我们的灵魂人物愿意多待一呼儿,再陪我们多玩一下。 希望啦。。。

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Song ~ 歌

I wonder if there is such a song that would touch you very much. So much so that even if you do not understand a word that the singer is singing, it still moves you. I have. I have recently … Continue reading

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