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The master said… ~ 师傅说。。。

… that my lucky colours are pink(talk about the natural predator-prey relationship… I am pink-phobic and it has to be one of my lucky colour… pooh!!), off-white and coffee colour. I thought: Hmmmmm, what kind of coffee??? Kopi or Kopi-O??? … Continue reading

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Ask the stars ~ 问星。。。

I went fortune-telling today. There is a general forecast which I am not disclosing here.  But one matter stuck in my mind: Please be careful of “lan taohua” for these few years (which basically means bad romances or courtships). I … Continue reading

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Someone ~ 有人

The conversation took place between me and someone. Someone: YL, so what are you doing now? Me: Oh, I am doing freelancing work. Someone: Orh… Same as my daughter lah… She is also doing freelancing. Always stay home one… Always … Continue reading

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Ermmmmm ~ 嗯。。。

Why is it that people who is involved in the high end F&B/hospitality industry always seems to give people the effortlessly polished sleaze feeling?? And why is it that the things they say tends to have puns in them… of … Continue reading

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Around me ~ 在我周围

There are two kinds of stress. One kind of stress is from when one is doing the things you like. The other kind of stress is from doing work that you do not like. When one is stress from doing … Continue reading

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Bread ~ 面包

The Auntie always tell us when we were young(which means we are still *ahem ahem ahem* young… since she still say that to us… :P): You can be the most brilliant person on earth, but it is by your little … Continue reading

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sigh… ~ 咳。。。

The Uncle and Auntie is away on a very well deserved holiday. The Ah boy and I got stuck with a not-exactly-welcome houseguest. I did not speak much to her. It’s meaningless anyway. And sad to say, but it’s a … Continue reading

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I wonder… ~ 我想。。。

… what am I doing?? How should I do what I want to do???? What is the next step????? I am lost. HELPPPPPPPPPPpppppp!! It’s frightening to be lost. 。。。我到底在做什么???我到底应该去达成目标????下一步该怎么走????我迷失了方向。救命啊!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 迷失方向真可怕。

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Psychic ~ 未卜先知

I think I must have been a psychic. Yesterday night, just before I sleep, this words suddenly popped in unceremoniously into my mind. I used my mobilephone to note it down: It’s ok if you can’t see where the road … Continue reading

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Food!! ~ 食物!!

Here’s some of the stuff that I have been stuffing into my fat face… Mountain of peanuts!!!! Originally uploaded by yl. I had this at the kopitiam at Bukit Batok interchange. It’s the supposedly new concoction – peanut ice kachang. … Continue reading

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