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资历:没有。 本事:不高。 方向:看不到。 计划:没踪迹。 结果:不晓得。 心情:谷底深。 追求:不切实际。 我不见了。

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The slippery road downwards… ~ 顺着滑道而下。。。

It happens all the time. A spate of events that seems to come all at once to pay tribute to Mr Murphy. I see people throwing away chances that was delivered to them on a silver platter. I want to … Continue reading

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When the going gets tough… ~ 当行事开始困难时。。。

Sometimes, when bad news just come one after another, no matter how optimistic a person is, she would feel down as well. The best part: there would always be angels around her, who are unaware that they are angels in … Continue reading

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This is the reason why I am stingy and do not hand out gifts or candies to the kids I handle. I would prefer negotiation and gentle persuasion. Apr 16, 11:21 PM EDT Many Parents Admit They Bribe Their Kids … Continue reading

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Is there something wrong?? ~ 这么做有错吗??

I was at a particular Ramen chain restaurant yesterday, having my dinner. You know, that particular one that claimed that their ramen have “thousands tastes”. As I was waiting for my orders to be served, the young family at the … Continue reading

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Kindness overboard ~ 过分善良

I visited a friend’s place just the other day. Being the typical DINKS (Double Income No KidS), they had more or less decided to swear off the baby business. It seems like couples who decide not to get into the … Continue reading

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Worth ~ 价值

We were mere newly-introduced colleagues who had nothing to do with each other less than 5 minutes ago. Out of the blue, she asked me, “yl, where do you live?” I answered as a matter of face. With an overly … Continue reading

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痴狂过后,来的就是沉淀期。心情沉淀下来了,就是理智分析的时候。理智分析后,就觉得自己还真的是无聊到了姥姥家。。。不过,人不痴狂枉少年嘛!!我不尝试,怎么会知道呢??难到要等到我老了才来说:“想当年啊,我应该去尝试明星DJ选拔赛哦!!” 所以,尽管知道他们要的是明星DJ,我还是去尝试看他们是否愿意接受一名猩猩DJ。失败了,没关系。至少我尝试过。没对不起自己。 今天早上听早班节目,听到两位主持人说要拨电话给入围与出局的人,我还在想:嗯。。。不知道他们会不会拨电话告诉我我已经被KO了,不知道现在心情如何???过后不久,他们在空中说:“他们居然都不敢接我们的电话!!我们打电话给N个人,他们有的手机关了,有的没听!!他们真的这么害怕跟我们说话吗?!?!?” 当时候,我记得,我还在想:哎呀!!应该拨电话给我嘛!!!象我这种知道百明不会进,脸皮又有够厚的人,我可以很正面的回答你嘛!! 忽然想起,我和我的手机都各有一个毛病。我的毛病是:我老是没办法听到手机响起,所以老是会有Missed Calls的情况出现。我的手机呢,就很有绅士风度,在很多时候会怕我接电话接得累了,体贴地自动关机。结果,掏出了手机才发现:手机还真的是很有绅士风度,果然关机了,不让我接那通残忍的电话???发现手机还真是小看了我。。。 志勇、伟彬,如果你们有拨电话给我采访落选者心情,很抱歉哦。。。我不是没有胆量接听你们的电话,而是手机出了问题,太呵呼我了。。。下次吧!!!:P

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T’ang Quartet ~ 唐四重奏

I caught the T’ang Quartet today… the bus with their advertisement, I mean. For those who are really interested in catching the T’ang Quartet, they would be performing in the upcoming Arts Festival. Details as follows: SINGAPORE ARTS FESTIVAL 2007 … Continue reading

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现代汉语词典 [清廉] 清白廉洁:为政~。 [清] 公正廉洁 [廉] 1)廉洁:清~|~耻。 人说:胸大无脑。。。我的胸不算大,但是仍然无脑。。。我不明白,贪得无厌但是不暗地里贪污的人,还能够被称做清廉吗???钱那么多,却被人当街辱骂,被人在明与暗中讽刺,这样的生活或许是人才爱过的吧。我这没脑子的人,不想,也没本事过那种生活。 我迷惑。

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