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egg seller ~ 鸡蛋嫂

I think our family is one of the greatest consumers of eggs. At the height of the bird flu scare in the neighbouring country up north, we still had eggs, courtesy of our kind neighbours. This means that the egg … Continue reading

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你和他的故事 有完美的开始 却有一个零乱的结束 当两个人说BYE BYE 一切都变成一个迷 想不通 理不透 管不了 旁观者清 当局者迷 现在的你 什么都不理 看不清楚 理不干净 是他不忠 还是你不义 爱情 真是让人迷惑的东西 抓不住 理不了 看不透

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Originally uploaded by yl. 看见这个,真的好想去。 但是结果,却没这勇气, 也没这信心。 全都因为,那么一句。 我残败在“样貌不俗” 。 偏生我是个懒女人。

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sincerity ~ 诚意

when A offends B, a fellow coursemate with no personal dealings, with rather insulting thoughtless remark, B merely ignores the insulting remark. A emails B an apology. there is no reply from B. question: should A follow up with a … Continue reading

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pregnant women are queen ~ 孕妇是皇后。。。

pregnant women should always be listed as the top priority and be given special rights. hence, when this lady shows off her beautiful belly and list me as one of the tagged ones, better to do it fast… so, here … Continue reading

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i killed my server PC… ~ 我把家里的电脑杀了。。。

it started off with the internet connection being rather patchy and signal flickering, which is abnormal. i switched on the PC, tried to rectify the problem by unplugging the power supply of the router and the modem for a hard … Continue reading

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This is an appeal from the Action For Singapore Dogs. Hi everyone We have a case of one of our puppies, Jeri, a 3 month old brown female local cross breed that was kidnapped Jeri Originally uploaded by yl. What … Continue reading

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talk only ~ 说说而已

recently, i have came to realise that language, or rather Chinese, is not about talking only. i have been enjoying myself at a particular Chinese workshop these days. today is the second of the ten lessons. i realised that sometimes, … Continue reading

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loss of confidence ~ 信心全失。。。

first lesson and it made me lose my confidence totally… so, my chinese werent as good as i thought they were. i had thought so much of myself so much so that i had totally forgotten that there would always … Continue reading

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wastage ~ 浪费

now that i am watching my diet, i have been controlling my food intake with a focus on the light and healthy. however, to prevent the dam from a catastrophic bursting, i do allow myself a certain qouta of junk … Continue reading

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