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Lamborghini ~ 名牌轿车

on sunday, when i walked out of the place where my last appointment of the day was, i saw a Lamborghini zooming past. i decided to go window shopping and landed in Orchard road. i was ambling along when i … Continue reading

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I don’t believe in The One

reading this column, i am so glad that i am not alone in the sunny island of Singapore to have spent her formative years in a similarly loving and sheltered home to be so cynical about happily-ever-afters… I don’t believe … Continue reading

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dreams… or nightmare?? ~ 梦,还是恶梦??

does a woman who is approaching 30 have a right to pursue dreams?? should i do something rather crazy just to get it out of my system??? heck!! 面临三张快没得找的女性是否有权力疯狂地追求自己的梦想啊??? 我是否应该去做一些疯狂的事情,就为了让自己不在去梦想它了呢??真是的!!!

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addiction ~ 瘾

sometimes, addiction manages to catch us at our most unawares. in case anyone is guessing, nope, i did not spend the past few days: visiting families and adding to my stash of angbaos reading my Kindaichi books working my fatass … Continue reading

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When debtors fight back

oh, yl dear yl… please do not find yourself in such a predicarment!! Owe money? After legal action, court officer seizes property. But it can be tough… By Andre Yeo February 21, 2007 SEIZE the lorry – that was one … Continue reading

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feminine warpaint ~ 女性战争装备

once upon a time, A, a lady who relocated to a sunny little island in the “southern oceans” for better prospects, returned home for a holiday visit. when she came back, she merrily showed her colleague, B, the pictures she … Continue reading

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when the angbao comes knocking… ~ 当红包送上门。。。

YAY!!! its the first day of Chinese New Year(CNY) in the year of pig!!! so its time to throw away all those cute little puppies that you had bought coz its the year of dog, had since grown up to … Continue reading

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祝大家: 来年样样事情都能一帆风顺, 有情人能双双对对, 家里人三三两两行好运, 工作朋友办事都能事(四)事如意, 五福降临你家门, 灾难祸患都溜(六)远, 祈(七)求平安又健康, 八星前来报大喜, 好事久(九)久不散去, 十全十美又一年!! 。 。 。 。 。 写得是有一点勉强。。。但是目的也只不过是想祝大家: 新年快乐,身体健康!!!!!

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Jazz bassist Eldee Young dies

the man who touched my heart and made me cry has passed away… Rest in Peace. Jeremy Monteiro and the late Eldee Young Originally uploaded by yl. The 71-year-old musician is remembered for his contributions to the jazz scene in … Continue reading

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the beginning of the end of my complaints ~ 我开始投诉的结束

i had blogged about my plot to getting out of school here. i am having jitters now whether i could do it now that i had my first session of lecture and, subsequently, tutorial. my lecturer is a very busy … Continue reading

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