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value ~ 价值

this afternoon, in my room. the auntie: oy, we are going out ar… if the karang kuni man comes, sell all the old newspapers plus the bag of clothes by the side ar… me: okie. the karang guni man did … Continue reading

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there is no hope for human race ~ 人类没希望了

i was at a foodcourt, eating my breakfast when i happened to overhear the conversation at the next table. they were having a Singapore styled breakfast of Kaya toast, half boiled eggs and one hot drink. A: aiyah, how come … Continue reading

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my cello teacher just told me that she is moving places… right to the condominium development that is literally across the street from my current residence. considering that i used to travel about 4hours to and fro where she used … Continue reading

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breakfast ~ 早餐

this is the cause of my wisdom and information… yeah… i know the eggs should be runnier but i cooked it last and the wok got too hot… so the moment i poured in the eggs, they got cooked almost … Continue reading

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atas uncle~高级大叔

with the uncle being hurt and being confined at home most of the time, i have been enjoying bullying disturbing keeping him entertained. there were times where i walked out of my room just to whine to him,”Papaaaaa…”, of which … Continue reading

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it isnt often that i can say this… ~ 我不是时常能说这句话。。。

but… YAY!!!!! I AM A SMARTYPANTS!!!!! no no no… not a smartass pants but a smarty pants!!! yeah… i know 1.8% is not a lot… but HEY!!!! I AM A SMARTY PANTS!!! ok, time to go rest the brain. i … Continue reading

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remember this best actor award winner??? well, his daddy tried to set a good example to him and meimei. that includes sprunging up his salty-as-dead-sea-water language abilities that is shown at its “best” when glitches came up. the daddy’s new … Continue reading

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shit ~ 屎

not enough sleep. i look like shit now… i mean, i look shittier now… i mean… i look a little bad than usual… i mean a little worse than usual… i mean i dun look as good as i used … Continue reading

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and it came… ~ 而它来了。。。

what else but this???? the last time i mess around with such gadget was about 3 years ago, when i was working in the accounts department of an MNC. one of my duties is to prepare the electronic transfer of … Continue reading

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three little pigs ~ 三只小猪

a component of the Chinese language is known as chengyu. it is basically a four chinese characters idiom that drew its meanings from historical anecdotes, famous people, episodes, etc. the beauty about this component of the Chinese language is that … Continue reading

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