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forgotten, not forgiven ~ 忘了,不能原谅

i spent almost ten years working, on and off with much disruptions, to complete my music graded theory. in my typical kiasu Singaporean fashion, i bought an obscene amount of reference books, workbooks and of course, the indispensible past-year (ten … Continue reading

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或许是因为这首歌道出了我的心情写照吧。。。但是一听就爱上了它,歌词浅百、直截了当,编曲简单却不俗气。我喜欢。 《与你共枕》 据说你早已决定 不想跟谁厮守一生 但不想来来去去孤单一人 我不是要你改变 反正我也不是圣人 只是我爱你差点悲喜难分 也许你早已察觉 我对你有多么认真 但不想最后酿成谁的牺牲 所以我每次提到将来 你都充耳不闻 还是我自以为高人一等 亲爱的你 对于爱情 别太迷信合久一定分 有些时候 我们只要 相信一切有可能 其实有些关系 你终究不得不负责任 尤其是当青春亮起红灯 你明白我总不能 终此一生坚守独身 为贯彻那没结果的坚贞 不再想 到了最后 各自身旁躺着谁人 我和你 有幸能温柔并寝 夜已深 作曲/作词/编曲/监制/主唱:林一峰

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an accident ~ 意外

THE uncle had a great fall and is now in hospital nursing a fractured wrist. it has hit home that age is really catching up with THE uncle and he is not as robust as he was. wishing for health … Continue reading

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convention ~ 会议

these days, as the rain gets heavier and longer, as we listen to more and more of those oh-so-joyful Christmas songs to get us to spend spend spend, the malls are really doing a roaring business packing people in and … Continue reading

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perspectives ~ 角度

it was cloudy and rather sunny before i walked into the shopping mall. i was there for a late and quick meal. it was still cloudy and somewhat sunny when i walked out of the shopping mall. i had just … Continue reading

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bullying ~ 欺负

still remember dear dear?? well, i had just met her not too long ago… and when i saw her, the following conversation took place… me: dear dear!!!! dear dear, before hurling herself into me for her “big big hug and … Continue reading

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“salah” gifts to give ~ 错误的礼物

i seriously wonder how many would consider giving Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci code” book/movie VCD/DVD as Christmas present?? the wrong wrong wrong gift choice Originally uploaded by yl. i think that would be so so so very wrong… even if … Continue reading

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就因为我写的一句“叫它(太阳)滚回去!!”,结果太阳公公伤心地躲了24小时,让我国淋了72年来最多的雨。。。 太阳公公!!!!我知道错了!!!!你是很可爱的!!!!!! 尤其是我的衣服本来就不多,没有你来把它们晒干,我就快要没有衣服穿了!!!!!

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电话里: 我:早安你好!太阳升起来了o 她:可恶的太阳!!!叫它滚回去!!

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the time is not ripe ~ 时机还没成熟

just today, i gave up the chance to attempt to do something i have always wanted to do. yes, it hurts, but it has got to be done. i have to walk away, saying no to the chance but not … Continue reading

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