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year ender ~ 年终总结

for your information, that blue blue image below is a graph of my blogging frequency over the times since passingsights came into existence. for the records, 646 nonsensical posts have been written although only 642 posts passed your sights coz … Continue reading

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this thing about exams II ~ 考试这码事II

the first sign came when one of my coursemate sms-ed me about how she had passed her exams and asked after me how did i fare. i had to reply, with my usual blurness about academic and student administrative issues, … Continue reading

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stereotype ~ 定型

i caught sight of the rather big, pink bag that the guy behind me was carrying. i sighed and thought, rather cattily,”another young and naive couple who thought that being a loving couple is to help her carry her dainty … Continue reading

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All presents and accounted for?

By TAN DAWN WEI – Dec 28, 2006 The Straits Times ALL I want for Christmas is: freedom. Freedom from shopping for gifts for the family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, people not on my list but who may just surprise me … Continue reading

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Getting to grips with a woman’s ire

By Jeremy Au Yong – Dec 18, 2006 The Straits Times HAVE always thought that the reason men get into so much trouble with women is that they (men) are insensitive clods. That’s why – in any given relationship – … Continue reading

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cruelty ~ 残忍

i wanted to put “smartass” as the title of this post. but i supposed, given the amount of stupid things i do and then blog about, this title no longer catches people’s attention. it has become something like, “nahz, there … Continue reading

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amazed ~ 惊奇

the headlines on the major news providers in Singapore runs along the line of “Taiwan quake causes telecom and Internet chaos in East Asia”, “Taiwan quake cuts off much of Asia Internet”, ” Internet access in Singapore severely affected by … Continue reading

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gut feeling ~ 直觉

moral of the story: when your gut feelings tells you something, please Please PLEASE dun be stubborn and LISTEN to it!! the system was prompting that a software upgrade was due and it would be good to install it. i … Continue reading

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when are you coming home??

Click here for the youtube video of 6 year old Heather Martin sings a song that her mother wrote for her Brother Shaun who is serving in Iraq coz for some perculiar unknown reasons, youtube/wordpress/etc just do not allow me … Continue reading

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accident aftermath ~ 意外后续

after the accident, the uncle is back recuperating at home now… but not after he created, what i supposed is an impression, on the nurses and fellow patients by proudly declaring that he is still young at the grand young … Continue reading

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