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smartass ~ 假聪明

sometimes i am so glad that i am not a career diplomat. if i were, i think i would either cause the downfall of my country or start WWIII through my careless and stupid remarks and comments. ok, enough said. … Continue reading

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snip! snip! snip! ~ 剪! 剪! 剪!

i entered the hairsalon with a thick mane of hair all imprisoned in that ponytail on my head and walked out feeling a little light-headed and wozzy from the hair loss. oh, and did i mention that the auntie at … Continue reading

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hello world!! ~ 哈咯世界!!

so i have bought myself a palm pda. once upon a time, when the no-colour palmIII was a “new” IT gadget to have, an ex-coursemate exclaimed, in her typical dramatic fashion, “I NEED A PALM! I REALLY NEED A PALM … Continue reading

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anchored in my mind ~ 挥之不去

once upon a time, my primary school teacher who also taught the ah jie had replicated this particular write-up in their class magazine. when the ah-jie brought it back home, i had the honour of reading it. somehow, it just … Continue reading

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this thing about exams ~ 考试这码事

so, i survived my exams for this semester and is currently busy with planning makan and play trips with friends/coursemates/etc. currently on the plans are a trip to a japanese buffet and another trip planned to some halal restaurant. well, … Continue reading

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looking for a screw

when one is feeling stressed, not only would her things start coming apart… her thinking come apart as well. was studying at a particular outlet when a tiny hard thing slipped through between my legs, onto the floor before rolling … Continue reading

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who decides my happiness ~ 谁决定我的快乐

i was on the bus, reading, travelling towards my destination and silently lamenting about how troublesome the heavy rainpour is when i read the following essay that is compiled in my book. a friend who happened to be with columnist … Continue reading

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silly antics at home. mine. ~ 家里的傻事。我的。

i was at the balcony, wearing my shoes and preparing to go out. THE auntie was sitting in the living room floor, with her eyes glued on the TV. feeling cheeky, i purposely wanted to disturb the engrossed auntie and … Continue reading

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a joke ~ 笑话

i had finished reading this book. but this particular joke stuck itself to my mind. embarassed the HR manager of a particular firm issued this instruction on the payslip acknowledgement to all employees: “your pay is your privacy. please do … Continue reading

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某家药剂商店的产品排得琳琅满目,数量出奇得多,却找不到我们要找的某品牌治消化不良的Antacids。结果同伴居然说了这句经典的话: 哎呀!!一定是因为消费税要上调了,让人消化不了,也不想消费了!!

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